Why I Took a Fat Dump in a Trash Can at Work


I wasn’t always a stay-at-home parent. Once upon four children ago — well, once upon three and-a-half children ago, pregnancy considered —I got a “real” job. A job for which somebody paid me in U.S. dollars rather than fully-funded trips to Safeway and ill-placed loads of semen. No, I was not a sex worker — at least … Read more

In Defense of Becoming a Too-Young Mom

Lindy vogel

“Mama is her only epithet and synonym for God and the Government and the one force of majesty and intelligence obeying the call of pity, hunger, pain, cold, dark — MAMA, MAMA, MAMA.” -Carl Sandburg, in: “Seventeen Months” If you want to wound your daughter — or your son or nonbinary child — into one day becoming … Read more