Coming Soon: The Sweary Mommy (A Goddamned Memoir)

Amid the COVID-19 emergency, families are in crisis—and large families like Lindy Vogel’s are no different.  She and her husband, their six children by birth—plus a foster daughter—languish at home as they Zoom-school through the lockdowns.  While from the time she was a child Lindy has vowed to be a spectacularly better mother than her own–but she fails her kids, and she fails them, hard.

The Vogels outrun a forest fire and the many of the steepest tolls of an emerging virus.  But they cannot outrun their foster daughter’s trauma—nor, as they discover, has Lindy healed from her own.  Lindy’s manic episode and subsequent nervous breakdown at 38 years old reveals her bipolar I disorder, and as the family runs afoul of CPS, she is charged with repairing each of her dearest relationships.  Furthermore, she must do so while digging her way out of one of the blackest holes known to mental health.

“Lindy bares her soul—and much, much more—if you’re looking.” – her husband

This really is an awesome book” – none of Lindy’s kids