What Everyone is Missing About the “Tradwife” Trend

Being a #Tradwife [external link] is an old thing that’s new again.

The idea that a modern partnership consists of one breadwinning partner and one bread-baking partner is back, courtesy of TikTok. And it’s not all wrong to live that way. But golly gee willickers, the subjugation that goes along with it is creepy as shit.

For me, the ethos of FULL servitude —particularly the “asking your husband for permission to leave the house” thing — is the waxy yellow buildup, the “Daddy, May I” scented dishpan hands that beg for regard.

Not to mention a hateful belief that a marriage can’t be between two men, two non-binary folks, two women, or other consenting adults on the bench seat of a ’54 Buick Skylark.

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